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Controlled Motion Dynamics (CMD), a control systems integration company, is a sister company of Skarda Equipment Company Inc.

CMD specializes in designing and implementing custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Our expertise in pneumatics, hydraulics, motion control and custom programming allows us to offer the best solution to a wide range of automation applications. CMD has access to a broad choice of automation product lines and we are committed to offering the most cost-effective solution available. From simple sub-assemblies to complex multi-motion PC programming, CMD offers the most appropriate answer for you. Our expertise in PLCs and industrial PCs, along with our ability to engineer and write custom programming offers an ever-expanding opportunity to solve complex machine control applications.

Road Show 2021
CMD is going On the Road in 2021 to show our customers Industrial Safety Solutions.

Safety Gurney 2019

Skarda Equipment and Controlled Motion Dynamics have created a safety gurney which they are taking on the road to customers. The demo framework is a wheeled gurney that folds down for loading into the back of our van and features many new industrial safety products from our vendors such as 80/20 and Pinnacle Systems.

On the gurney, a fully operating pneumatic press demonstrates the various safety products which can run the press more safely and potentially more efficiently for the manufacturer. Making a machine more safe for the operator can be as low tech as installing physical barriers such as hard guarding like safety gates, to the more complex such as perimeter light curtains or safety mats.

Please contact your Skarda outside sales rep or call us at: (800) 228-9750 to schedule a free demonstration at your plant.

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