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Sheet Picker
Sheet Picker - Customers were previously moving panels with an overhead crane with a vacuum system and discovered moving these panels one at a time was a chokepoint in their manufacturing process. CMDI came to the solution of developing a machine that would allow operators to carry multiple panels and then drop single panels to distribute them one at a time as needed.

Tank Tester
Tank Tester - Customer needed a safe way to pressurize large tanks to check welds. CMDI provided a GAST regenerative blower with custom programing to provide a system that will pressurize the tanks from 0-50 in/H2O.

CNC Unloader
A customer designing a machine to automatically unload a CNC machine approached CMDI for help with the linear motion and programming required to complete this machine design.

Bin Shuffler Tower
A manufacturing customer who specializes in specific parts assembly was experiencing quality control issues. In particular, managing the parts available to the assembly had become a problem for this manufacturer. To solve quality concerns the customer designed a parts management system using 80/20 products. The system operated as such:
• Four bin selection towers each held eight bins
• Only the parts bins needed for the part being assembled were available
• Each tower had three air cylinders, a cable pulley system, and a Tol-O-Matic brake to raise or lower the needed bins into position
• Once in position the assembly technician could pull the needed parts from the parts’ bin storage
The customer had already completed basic assembly on the bin towers but needed completion of final assembly in addition to a software package to control the towers.
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