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Power Unit with Reclaim
Power Unit with Reclaim - Customer was looking for a way to test hydraulic components on combines. CMDI provided a custom hydraulic power unit with controls to integrate with the combine’s 12vdc power system.

Bushing Press Project
One of Controlled Motions Dynamics’ customers needed help with supplying the power, speed, and accuracy to effectively push a rubber bushing into an automotive shock absorber. The manufacturer had a machine for this process already in place; however, the pneumatic cylinder utilized did not produce the desired consistency because of the compressibility of the air when pressing in the bushing. The customer had imagined a solution that would be “all electric,” yet CMDI technicians came up with the best solution for the customer.
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Hydraulic Pump Control
A customer needed a large multiple pump hydraulic system that was capable of running two separate production floors. Running on the power unit from each floor were hydraulic conveyors, hydraulic dumpers, and other associated hydraulic equipment. Throughout the day, the hydraulic power demand varied depending on the equipment running. The customer hoped to save on energy by only running the necessary hydraulic pumps rather than running the full system flow non-stop. Controlled Motion Dynamics was contacted to design an energy saving solution.
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Stress Test Fixture
Controlled Motion Dynamics worked with a local irrigation equipment manufacturer to develop a one-time-use center pivot stress test fixture to evaluate the structural integrity of the center  pivot framework.

Parking Brake Tester
A heavy equipment manufacturer needed to test their hydraulic parking brakes. This would allow them to find and correct faulty brakes before being installed on a machine.

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