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Electric Servo Press
Electric Press - Electric presses are a compact alternate to hydraulics. They provided a quieter operation and greater functionality with fewer individual components. CMDI has provided multiple electric press solutions for different customers. Each customer had different specifications and requests.

Electric Walking Beam
Electric Walking Beam - Walking beams are used in food plant staging coolers mainly for pork and beef facilities. Traditional walking beams have been driven by Hydraulics. CMD provided the system with a fully automatic cooler walking beam system. The operator can select which rails to load and the system will take control after that.

Electric Reject
Electric Reject - Customer needed a high-speed reject actuator for their hamburger chub line. Pneumatics had typically been the method of rejecting but proved to be self-destructive and costly to maintain. CMDI provided a Linmot linear servo motor capable of doing the speeds required by the customer.

Heat Sensing Weld Tester
A customer needed a way to confirm if a part actually had been welded before the part continued to the next stage of assembly. This welding check would be critical because sending a non-welded part further down the assembly line would result in the final customer receiving a faulty part. The company wanted to ensure that the product it created and sold would be of excellent quality. Controlled Motion Dynamics was contacted to design a solution.

Small Actuator
A customer needed a mini-actuator which would move a small light filter into its place in front of a projector. The actuator had to meet the very specific requirements of having a 12-inch stroke, a traverse speed of 3/4 ips, and an ability of interfacing through a RS232 connection to the existing controller. The customer also wanted this actuator to be inserted
into its currently running system without making system changes.

Waste Water Centrifuge
A customer needed an effective low cost solution for providing control in a wastewater application centrifuge.

Two Axis Chamfer Machine
A pellet mill manufacturer needed a new machine to replace an obsolete piece of equipment.

Tube Mill Controls
An irrigation equipment manufacturer had a tube mill with an obsolete control system.

Brake Press Guarding
A customer needed to guard several brake presses. The need was especially pressing for this customer because of a recent accident. The customer utilized presses from multiple manufacturers and therefore needed solutions for each press. Since safety was a factor, Controlled Motion Dynamics needed an unquestionable solution.

Conveyor Control Panel
A customer needed a conveyor control panel for a new conveyor system. Previously to solve this issue, the customer had utilized one of its own employees, but that employee had retired. Additionally, the documentation on the existing panel could not be located.

Gear Shaper
A customer that manufactures large equipment transmissions needed to update one of their machines. The machine takes a circular gear blank and cuts teeth to turn it into a finished gear. The gear blank and the cutter are rotated in order to maintain the correct tooth angle.

Wax Centrifuge
A large wax manufacturer had a new idea. The company manufactures wax used for molding processes and receives a large amount of the used wax in return. Instead of disposing of this wax they wanted to separate the solids and reuse the wax.

Filter Head Sorter
CMD was asked to modify a filter head sorting machine that never did work correctly. The machine needed to take a batch load of filter heads and flip them to the correct orientation and also verify they all had threads on them. There were several different sizes of filter heads that needed to be accommodated. CMD teamed up with Tri-V Tool and Die for support with the mechanical issues and CMD handled all the controls issues. CMD was also able to greatly simplify the customer's setup time by replacing DVT cameras with Balluff  sensors. Please watch the video for complete details on this CMD project.
Video of this project

Three Axis Servo Control
A major candy manufacturer contacted Controlled Motion Dynamics about an important motion control problem.
The customer had an Aasted Mikroverk type FCT depositor that had failed. The machine used three three-axis servo drives to control three depositors. The three-axis servo drive for the center depositor had failed. The part was obsolete, so no replacement could be found. The candy manufacturer needed a solution that would stay as close as possible to the original operation. The customer asked that all existing menus be retained. The goal was to create a change that would be as seamless as possible to the operators.

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