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Road Show 2021
CMDI is going On the Road in 2021 to show our customers Industrial Safety Solutions.
Skarda Equipment and Controlled Motion Dynamics have created a safety gurney which they are taking on the road to customers. The demo framework is a wheeled gurney that folds down for loading into the back of our van and features many new industrial safety products from our vendors such as 80/20 and Pinnacle Systems.

Sink Test Station
Sink Test Station - Customer was looking to improve the testing method for pressure testing spray bottle pick up tubes using water. CMDI provided an 80/20 frame designed in house, a diaphragm pump, and all pneumatic controls.

On the gurney, a fully operating pneumatic press demonstrates the various safety products which can run the press more safely and potentially more efficiently for the manufacturer. Making a machine more safe for the operator can be as low tech as installing physical barriers such as hard guarding like safety gates, to the more complex such as perimeter light curtains or safety mats.

Please contact your Skarda outside sales rep or call us at:  (800) 228-9750 to schedule a free demonstration at your plant.

Robot Cage Project
CMD partnered with a well-known international robotics manufacturer on a project for the customerís newly established research and development facility. The robotics manufacturer needed a sizeable robotics work cell to be designed and installed. The work cell needed to be strong, useful, cost effective, and also safe as protection was needed to keep hazardous sharp metal projectiles from exiting the enclosure while the robotics equipment performed various experimental tasks.

Speaker Project
The manufacturer of high-end speakers contacted Controlled Motion Dynamics with an exceptional challenge. The manufacturer sought to update the workbench used to assemble the speaker units. The existing workbench used a screw and hand wheel assembly to adjust tension as part of the assembly process and also used two wooden 2 x 4 pieces to adjust the height of the center section. The operator would count the number of turns by the hand wheel to reach the desired tension and then turn the 2 x 4 pieces on edge to adjust to the proper height. The speaker manufacturer needed a more precise, replicable way to perform these assembly operations.

Security Cage Project
A Midwestern pharmaceuticals company approached Controlled Motions Dynamics to help create a more secure drug storage area. The company sought to keep addictive prescription drugs in a safe area.

Lung (Breathing) Simulator
The radiological department of a local hospital needed to be able to track tumors on the lungs of patients while the patients were breathing.

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